Avalanche AVAX

An open, programmable smart contracts platform for decentralized applications

Avalanche is an EVM-compatible Layer 1 that describes itself as an open, programmable smart contracts platform for decentralized applications. Avalanche uses a family of proof-of-stake protocols called Snow to achieve 4500+ TPS, less than 2 second transaction finality, and a 80% safety threshold (resilient to 51% attacks). On Avalanche, developers can deploy highly customizable public or private chains (called “subnets”) that are interoperable with each other, allowing Avalanche to serve as the underlying infrastructure for an ecosystem of financial and other applications. The Avalanche protocol is supported by AVAX, an ERC-20 utility token that is used for gas fees and as rewards for validators who secure the network. Holders are able to put their AVAX to work in projects like those highlighted on this page.

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