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Wrapped Bitcoin WBTC

ERC-20 token backed 1:1 with Bitcoin


wBTC is a BTC-backed ERC20 token. Each wBTC in circulation is backed 1:1 by Bitcoin and is held in cold storage by BitGo, the first qualified custodian purpose-built for storing digital assets. Additionally, the ledger is publicly viewable to maintain transparency and enable trust in the network.


wBTC provides traders, institutions, and dapps a bridge to the Ethereum network while maintaining exposure to Bitcoin. Wrapping the asset enables token holders to participate in Defi and program smart contracts.

OTC Available

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For institutional traders and Market-Makers, swap instantly BTC for WBTC -and vice versa- without ever having to login to your CoinList account.

Token Features


The ERC20 standard has been widely adopted by the Ethereum community and provides access to a variety of decentralized exchanges, wallets, and dApps. wBTC brings Bitcoin’s liquidity to DEXs and makes it possible to use Bitcoin directly in ETH-based smart contracts to trade, lend, and collateralize.

Interoperability Between Cryptocurrencies

wBTC standardizes Bitcoin to the ERC20 format, allowing Bitcoin to be used in any Ethereum smart contract.

Increased Transaction Speed

Tokenization of BTC using the Ethereum blockchain allows for an increased speed of verified transactions.

Use your freshly minted WBTC to earn interest on your BTC via Compound. Or send it to your favorite DeFi exchange to trade it for another ERC-20.

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With Fast BTC to WBTC wrapping, Coinlist has delivered the final puzzle piece in closing the liquidity loop between many cefi and defi products. I'm excited to see them onboard a host of new users to Ethereum’s decentralized finance ecosystem!
Benedict chan
Benedict Chan
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Wrapped Bitcoin tops $1B after 900% increase in two months
Oct 08 · Coin Telegraph · The recent DeFi bull-cycle has pushed the total value locked (TVL) of popular Bitcoin (BTC) tokenization protocol Wrapped BTC (WBTC) up by 900% to surpass $1 billion.
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$1B in Wrapped Bitcoin now being audited using Chainlink’s ‘Proof of Reserve’
Oct 02 · Coin Telegraph · Wrapped Bitcoin custodian BitGo has adopted Chainlink’s Proof of Reserve mechanism in order to boost the transparency and auditability of the tokenized asset for DeFi protocols.
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$1 Billion Of Bitcoin On Ethereum Gets Major Boost As BitGo Adds Proof Of Reserves Via Chainlink
Oct 01 · Forbes · WBTC is a centralized, custodial, and KYC/AML compliant way to lock bitcoins under custody with BitGo, which then allows the minting (issuing) of new WBTC tokens via merchant partners which can be used to access DeFi protocols directly on Ethereum.
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Bitgo Plans to Launch Wrapped Bitcoin on the Tron Blockchain | Altcoins
Sep 26 · Bitcoin News · On September 24, Bitgo, the custodian of the Wrapped Bitcoin project (WBTC), the most popular tokenized BTC platform to-date, announced a partnership with Tron.
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First Mover: Tron's Play for WBTC Shows Competition to Relieve Ethereum Congestion
Sep 25 · CoinDesk · The latest example comes from CoinDesk’s Ian Allison, who reported Thursday that Tron, the three-year-old blockchain headed by Justin Sun (the crypto executive who paid $4.5 million to have a meal with Warren Buffett), has entered into a strategic alliance with custody specialist BitGo to accommodate wrapped bitcoin (WBTC) tokens.