Buy and sell the top cryptoassets and the latest CoinList tokens

CoinList has tools for pro and casual traders alike. offers a simple and fast buy and sell tool for major cryptoassets like BTC, ETH, and SOL and recent CoinList tokens such as CSPR, MINA, and FLOW. CoinList Pro is our crypto spot exchange with all the features that professional traders expect. CoinList OTC Desk is our personalized trading service for institutions.

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Stake the hottest new assets on CoinList and earn rewards

On CoinList, it’s never been easier to put your crypto to work. CoinList stakes, generates, and signs blocks on your behalf while you retain full ownership of your tokens and earn monthly rewards on assets like NuCypher, Flow, and Celo.



Securely store your cryptoassets with us for no charge

CoinList works with the top crypto custodians like Anchorage, BitGo, and Gemini Custody to securely store your funds. Storage and custody fees are waived for all CoinList users. BTC, ETH, USDT, USDC, LINK, UNI, MKR, COMP, FIL with more to come.

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Convert your bitcoin to WBTC and participate in DeFi

Want access to DeFi lending and borrowing but don’t want to give up your BTC or FIL to do so? CoinList is the world's leading Wrapped Bitcoin (WBTC) and Wrapped Filecoin (EFIL) merchant. Instantly mint WBTC and EFIL and deploy it on Compound, MakerDAO, dYdX, Curve and other top DeFi protocols.


CoinList Seed

A virtual demo day for early-stage crypto startups

CoinList Seed is a platform for early-stage crypto entrepreneurs to connect with the global investment community. Are you or someone you know working on a new crypto startup? Apply below.

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For Companies

Launch your protocol, connect with investors, scale your network

For Developers

Hack on crypto projects, earn prizes and swag, build the future