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We believe that decentralization is about to transform society, much like the Internet did over the past few decades. Our mission is to help the best crypto projects in the world raise capital, grow their communities, and empower their users in ways that have never before been possible.
Smart people
Smart people
We work hard to build an environment where smart, motivated people can learn from and elevate each other
Huge challenges
Huge challenges
The things we’re building are just now possible, and our days are filled with fascinating challenges that no one has ever solved before
Deep focus on learning
Deep focus on learning
From talks, to conferences, to mentorship programs, we invest heavily to make sure you’re constantly learning and growing
Top-tier investors
Top-tier investors
The investors behind CoinList are the same ones behind the top crypto projects in the world
Beautiful working space
Beautiful working space
We are headquartered in a beautiful, creative space in the heart of downtown San Francisco, and we have a growing team in NYC
Strong culture
Strong culture
We work hard and have fun, with frequent happy hours, meals together, joking around, and all types of team outings
Great benefits
Great benefits
We have fantastic health care, catered meals, gym memberships and much more
Meaningful upside
Meaningful upside
We believe what we are building is very big. We generously compensate our team in cash and equity, and performance-based compensation
Massive impact
Massive impact
Our goal is to help shape the future, and if we can do what we’re trying to do, the world will never be the same

Meet The Team

Kathy Karcz
Ashley Cookerly
Brian Tubergen
Product Manager
Siddharth Ramakrishnan
Software Engineer
Ivica Milosevic
DevOps Engineer
Scott Keto
Eric Rogstad
Software Engineer
Matthieu Jobbe-Duval
Head of Financial Products
Paul Menchov
Justin Gregorius
Exchange Operations Lead
Milos Tatarevic
Software Engineer
Mike Zajko
Head of Sales & Partnerships
Regan Bozman
Business Operations Lead
Craig Austin
Software Engineer
Chase Adams
Compliance Counsel
Graham Jenkin
Michelle Fang
Software Engineer
Samantha Bartner
Head of Recruiting
Damien Scott
Associate General Counsel
Spenser Huang
Joshua Slayton
Software Engineer
Réal Provencher
Software Engineer
Adrian Uberto
Managing Director


We are fortunate to be backed by some of the best investors in crypto.

Job Openings

We are currently hiring for the following roles.
If you think you might be a good fit, we’d love to hear from you.
Sales and Accounts
Customer Operations Associate (Part-time / Full-time, Remote)
San Francisco, CA / New York, NY / Remote

CoinList is where the best crypto projects in the world raise capital and grow their communities. Through our token sale platform, we've helped projects like Filecoin, Blockstack, and Algorand raise over $500 million. Through our community-building tools, we've helped projects like DFINITY, 0x, and Dapper Labs (makers of CryptoKitties) engage developers and crypto enthusiasts. CoinList has also recently launched our professional trading platform, CoinList Pro and is supporting the $205m+ distribution of Filecoin in September. We are backed by top-tier investors, have offices in SF and NY, and are just getting started.

The customer operations team at CoinList is the primary interface between CoinList and the investors and traders using our suite of products. Developing and maintaining trust with users is a core part of our business. You’ll answer inbound questions about our product and identify and communicate issues in concise language. You’ll also work closely with our compliance team to ensure that users are able to smoothly navigate our compliance process.

We’re especially interested in candidates who have held support or operational roles at crypto-currency or fintech companies, or regulated companies more generally. This is a remote, part-time (~20 hours/week) position.

Who you are:

  • You’re excited about cryptocurrency. CoinList’s mission is to help the best crypto companies succeed by serving as a trusted advisor in the space. We’re incredibly excited by the power of distributed ledger technology, and you should be too.
  • You’re entrepreneurial. This role is autonomous - you’re really excited about proposing and testing ideas based on issues and opportunities you see.
  • You’re an excellent communicator. You’ll be the primary interface between CoinList and our users and be responsible for diagnosing user issues and helping users navigate our products.

What you will do

  • Make the best teams in crypto successful. CoinList has helped companies like 0x, DFINITY, and Filecoin raise funds and build their communities. You’ll work closely with companies like these to support them during token sales or hackathons and leverage internal resources to make sure they’re successful.
  • Delight our users. Educate investors on how to use our products, answer inbound questions, and guide them through the onboarding process.
  • Diagnose bugs. Facilitate product feedback to our engineering teams. 
  • A little bit of everything. Ad-hoc projects to help scale our customer support capacity (e.g. keeping our FAQ section up-to-date, etc.)
Product and Engineering
Fullstack Engineer
San Francisco, CA / New York, NY / Remote

CoinList is where early adopters invest in and trade the best digital assets. Investors can trade Bitcoin, Ether, Filecoin, and get access to the best new digital assets before they list on exchanges. Blockchain companies can run and manage token sales, meet compliance requirements, handle payments and token distributions with our battle-tested infrastructure. Used by Filecoin, Blockstack, Nervos, Celo, Algorand, and more. We are backed by top-tier investors, have offices in SF and NY, and are just getting started.

As an engineer at CoinList you’ll find that your days are filled with all sorts of fascinating challenges -- from developing smart contracts, to architecting a high performance exchange, to simplifying the complex to help bring crypto to a mainstream audience. Our work is difficult and ambitious, which is what makes it fun.

If you are an entrepreneurial person with exceptional engineering talent, we’d love to hear from you.

Who you are:

  • You love to code. You build stuff for fun on nights and weekends. You contribute to open source. You have deep expertise in certain areas (e.g., React) but you consider yourself a generalist and you enjoy learning new platforms.
  • You’re really smart. You were a top student in your computer science program or have been teaching yourself programming from an early age. You like being around people who challenge you.
  • You’re curious. You want to understand how things work. You value interesting things, especially outside your discipline. You like teaching others and constantly learning. You read and question things.
  • You like to ship. You make deadlines for yourself and you move fast. You focus on the things that matter and push back on things that don’t. People know they can count on you to get things done.
  • You’re scrappy and entrepreneurial. You’ve built apps for fun and worked on side projects before. You’re interested in all aspects of startups - from user testing, to marketing, to raising capital. If you haven’t already started your own company, you think you might like to in the future.
  • You care about the product. You might not be a product expert, but you value good design. You enjoy thinking about why certain products work and discussing new apps. You want to build delightful products that users love and that make people’s lives more meaningful.
  • You have good values. You enjoy hanging out with your teammates, make the workplace more fun for everyone, and care about doing the right thing.
  • You are a 10x thinker, far more excited by huge disruptions than by small improvements. If something is hard, that makes it more fun, and you know that if anyone can figure it out, you can.

What you will do:

  • You’ll contribute in all areas. You might choose to go deep in web development or building open source dev tools to automate our operations, but like your teammates you’ll make a habit of working across the stack, frequently picking up new languages and platforms as needed.
  • You’ll ship product. From hack days, to experimental prototypes, to developing a new type of auction model, you’ll constantly be building and shipping product. You’ll write clean, well-documented code, do unit tests, follow best practices, and have the benefit of working in a place where people move fast.
  • You’ll rapidly grow and improve. At CoinList you’ll be working with some of the smartest engineers you’ve ever met, who love to learn and teach each other. You’ll find yourself stretching to new areas, immersed in feedback, and engrossed in deep conversations on a daily basis.
  • You’ll help shape the product. Our whole team cares deeply about the product and has significant input into its development. You’ll beta test new prototypes and talk directly with users, and your ideas will always be heard.
  • You’ll learn about startups. From fundraising, to recruiting, to negotiating an office lease, you’ll learn everything there is to know about growing and running a startup of your own, and we’ll do everything we can to connect you with mentors and advisors to help you with your career for years to come.
  • You’ll be an owner. We believe in hiring smart people and giving them as much responsibility as they can handle. Whether it’s running a critical token sale or leading our work on a new platform, we’ll make sure you are always pushing yourself to new levels.
  • You’ll create the future. Crypto is a far bigger deal than most people realize, and at CoinList you will be be at the forefront of it. There are all sorts of technical challenges you’ll be working though and new questions you’ll have to answer, in partnership with founders for the leading crypto projects across the globe. If you’re successful, you’ll build something the world has never before seen.

As an early employee at CoinList you will be a critical part of our core team and have a huge influence over the direction of the company. We will compensate you well, invest deeply in your development, and do everything we can to make sure this is the single best work experience of your life. 

CoinList is proud to be an Equal Opportunity Employer.
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