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Where can I place a buy order?

You can place a buy order here: 

More answers about unvested fil trading

What is unvested FIL trading on CoinList?

More 90% of all Filecoin SAFT holders chose CoinList for their FIL distributions. Filecoin SAFT investors have vesting schedules ranging from 6 to 36 months with few options for liquidity before their vest is completed. We've seen increased demand to purchase bulk amounts of FIL, which has been challenging for large purchasers given the small circulating supply.  

CoinList is now making it easy for anyone to trade their unvested FIL. New and existing CoinList can trade unvested FIL to another CoinList user. CoinList will facilitate these trades OTC and the vesting FIL will automatically show up in your Coinist wallet post-settlement. 

Buyers can place buy orders here: 

Sellers can place sell orders here: 

Can I participate in unvested FIL trading on CoinList?

All users from CoinList’s supported jurisdictions with unvested FIL may place sell orders. Any user from a supported jurisdiction may place a buy order. 

What fees does CoinList charge?

CoinList will take a 5% commission from the buyer's purchase

For users who want to purchase and transfer a FIL vesting actor to a self-custodied wallet or another custodian, there is an additional $500 transfer cost charged by Gemini Custody

What are the compliance requirements to participate?

You must have a wallet open on CoinList – this requires KYC. 

There are no further compliance requirements beyond that to participate. 

Can I trade part of my unvested FIL?

No – in order to sell your unvested FIL you must sell the entire allocation. We’re not able to support partial trades. 

Where can I place a sell order?

You can place a sell order here:

Where can I place a buy order?

You can place a buy order here: 

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