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What is Karma?

Karma is a point system that rewards you for your activities on CoinList. Karma increases your chance of getting into Token Launches and exclusive offers when you contribute to crypto protocols. Earn for doing good for crypto!

Our Karma program continues to evolve and as it does, we will provide additional information. CoinList retains the right to modify the terms of the Karma program at any time.

Other Karma Questions

I did a specific activity (eg: a trade) and my achievement is still not claimable?

In general, once you complete an activity that earns you Karma (eg: enabling 2FA, making a trade, etc.), that activity should be taken into account by the Karma system within a few seconds. If you are still unable to claim Karma from that activity after 30 minutes, please open a customer support ticket here.

Why did I lose my Tier?

Tiers are updated hourly so the Tier you are placed in after claiming Karma may change quickly depending on how much Karma others have earned as well.

Remember, your Tier is determined by your Karma Score compared to other earners. The best way to keep your Tier and stay ahead, is to stay engaged and keep earning.

How do I improve my Tier?

Staying active and earning Karma keeps you ahead. The more engagement you have, the more Karma you can claim, and the higher your Tier can be.

What are Tiers?

Your Karma Score compared to other Karma earners places you in one of five Tiers: Rust, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum. 

Each Tier has a certain percentile of users, with Rust Tier being the bottom 40% of earners, and Platinum Tier being the top 5% of earners.

For Token Launches: Every single participant is randomly selected, but your Tier adds weight to the random selection. The higher your Tier, the higher the chance you get selected, though allocations are never guaranteed. For example, in one of our 2024 Token Launches, users in the Platinum Tier had 3x the chance to secure an allocation versus users in the Rust Tier.

How can I earn Karma?

You can earn Karma from Events and Achievements.

Events are activities that you can earn Karma from over a specified period of time. The Karma you earned during that event only becomes claimable once the event ends. If you don’t claim your Karma within 7 days after the event ends, this unclaimed Karma will expire.

Achievements are one-time claims awarded upon completing specific activities on CoinList, such as your first deposit, first trade, first stake, and more. Once an achievement is awarded, the Karma for that achievement becomes claimable.

Any Karma that you claim does not expire. Only unclaimed Karma may expire after a specified period of time.

See all the Events and Achievements you can earn Karma from today by logging into your Karma page here.

How do I claim my Legacy Karma?

Your Legacy Karma is all the Karma you earned from the legacy Karma system. You will need to claim your Legacy Karma in order to transfer it to the new system. 

You can claim this Karma by logging in and going to the Karma page here. You will then see a claim available for "Legacy Karma" that has all the Karma you've earned from the legacy system. Simply claim and watch your Karma Score increase. Unclaimed Legacy Karma will expire May 15 at 23:59 UTC.

In case you're unable to claim, logging out of your CoinList account and logging back in should resolve the issue. If you still need further assistance, open a ticket with our support here.

What is my Karma Score?

Your Karma Score is the total amount of Karma you have claimed. Karma is earned by completing specific activities on CoinList. All the Karma that you earn by completing these activities must be claimed to increase your Karma Score.

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