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What are the fees?

You can find the most up to date information on trading fees here.

More answers about trading

What assets can I trade?

You can view currently supported assets on

Are there minimum or maximum order sizes?

Yes, you can find the most up to date minimum and maximum trade limits here

Do all users automatically have access to CoinList wallets & trading?

Depending on when you signed up for CoinList, you may need to complete additional compliance in order to use wallets and trading. You can complete your registration at  New users should automatically have access to wallets and trading, subject to additional jurisdiction restrictions. 

What are the fees?

You can find the most up to date information on trading fees here.

Are there minimum price increments for orders?

Yes, but these are not uniform across all assets, please see for the most up to date information. 

How do I make a trade?

 You can make a trade directly from CoinList Wallet or via the navigation window by clicking Trade. 

Once you see the trading screen. You will then be prompted to enter an amount of a specific cryptocurrency you wish to buy or sell. Once you have set the amount, you can preview the order. 

After selecting “preview order”, you will be presented with the price for your order. You will have 30 seconds to confirm the trade. If you do not confirm the trade within 30 seconds, you will be required to re-input your order. The price may change after the 30 second window. Once you confirm the order, the trade will be considered final and it will be executed, you will see the resulting balances in your applicable CoinList Wallets.

How long does a trade take to clear?

Confirmed trades typically take only a few seconds to clear and to be reflected in your CoinList Wallet.