Cheeze Wizards + CoinList Hackathon
$15,000+ in prizes
Starts: Thursday, August 1st, 2019
Final submissions: Sunday, September 15th, 2019
Submissions have now closed

Build on top of Cheeze Wizards

Join a global hackathon to build products and businesses on top of Cheeze Wizards’ open ecosystem.

What is Cheeze Wizards?

Cheeze Wizards, the world’s first blockchain battle royale (with cheese), is a new game from the creators of CryptoKitties. The inaugural Cheeze Wizards tournament promises to be the party of the summer for the crypto enthusiasts across the globe.

In Cheeze Wizards, players use ether to summon Wizards, each represented by a non-fungible token (NFT). Players use their Wizards to compete in a series of duels that make up the Cheeze Wizard Tournament. Every Wizard summoned grows the tournament’s grand prize, known as the Big Cheeze. Wizards battle in one-on-one duels, with the winner gaining a portion of the losing Wizard’s power proportional to their victory. The last and most powerful Wizard in the tournament claims the title and prize of Big Cheeze.

During the weeklong presale, the Big Cheeze grand prize grew to over 600 ETH. The Big Cheeze will only get bigger when players can once again summon wizards at the beginning of the first Cheeze Wizards’ tournament, currently scheduled to begin during the hackathon.

Why hack on Cheeze Wizards?

One of blockchain’s best qualities is the freedom for anyone to build on top of their favorite dapps––all without having to ask for parmesan!

As players are eliminated from the Cheeze Wizards tournament, they’re going to be looking for interesting things to do with their Wizards. Participating in the hackathon is a rare opportunity to get a qualified and already-engaged user base before you even start your project.

  • Build a project for an existing, qualified, and engaged user base

  • Receive mentorship from the Dapper Labs team and our panel of advisors

  • Any profits your project generates go straight back to you

  • Flex your development skills for a panel of industry innovators and investors

  • Help shape a blockbuster blockchain experience which, like a fine cheese, will only improve with age

API powered by Alchemy:

Prize Details

A diverse panel of industry heavyweights will judge projects, and there’s a whole host of rewards waiting to be won.

  • $15K+ in cash, limited-edition Cheeze Wizards
  • Advisory sessions with the Dapper Labs team
  • A chance for your project to be reviewed by Dapper Labs investors.
  • Devcon tickets and a Satoshi’s Treasure Key for the winners of the first place.

Overall winner (x1)


2 x 1 hour advisory sessions with Dapper Labs team

A chance for your project to be reviewed by Dapper Labs investors

Devcon tickets for your whole team

1 Satoshi’s Treasure Key

Partner Offers, including 25% discount on smart contract audits from Sigma Prime and 50% discount for 6 months from Alchemy”

Category winners (x3)


4 Cheeze Wizards

1 hour advisory session with Dapper Labs team

Partner Offers, including 25% discount on smart contract audits from Sigma Prime and 50% discount for 6 months from Alchemy”

Top 10 projects

Exclusive Cheeze Wizards swag and some awesome Ethereum Foundation swag.

Tech partner bounties

0x bounty (More details here)- $2,000

Kyber Network bounty (More details here)- $2,000


CheezeWizards Judges

  • Linda Xie - Co-founder & Managing Director, Scalar Capital - @ljxie
  • Arianna Simpson - Managing Director, ASP - @AriannaSimpson
  • Fred Wilson - Managing Partner, Union Square Ventures - @fredwilson
  • Ali Yahya - Partner, a16z crypto - @ali01
  • Joyce Yang - Founder and CEO of Global Coin Research - @JoyceInNYC
  • Joe Lubin - Founder, ConsenSys, Co-Founder, Ethererum - @ethereumJoseph
  • Hsiao-Wei Wang - Researcher, Ethereum Foundation - @icebearhww

Bounty Judges

  • 0x Bounty Judge: Will Warren - Co-founder and CEO of 0x - @willwarren89


  • Tools & features
  • 3rd party experiences
  • Tournament & league


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Regional Partners

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Global Coin Research

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Satoshi's Treasure

Projects in Progress

  • An interface and incentive structure for permanently eliminating wizards from the inaugural CheezeWizards Tournament
  • A marketplace for CheezeWizards powered by 0x
  • A “stat”-site about as much as possible within the Cheezewizardverse
  • Using analytics/stats on wizards to create a prediction market for duels
  • Join Swiss Cheese Bank. donate your power. get bank tokens back. in case we win the tournament, you get a share of Big Cheese proportional to bank tokens you own.
  • Tracking your opponents playstyle, the current power levels, and the recent trades in one platform.
  • A site that will work autonomously with all exchanges and a wide list of exchangers as an intermediary, opening transactions on the one in which there is a need for a client.